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Wild Bird Supa Niger Feeder 4 Port

An excellent metal feeder for attracting a wide variety of finches - particularly Goldfinches - to your garden.  

Northern Parrots Treasure Hunt Toy Refill

Durable hygienic and brightly coloured; the Treasure Hunt Bird Toy from Happy Pet is the ideal boredom breaker and is bound to keep your feathered friend entertained for hours. This...
£3.99 £2.20

JW Activitoy Moving Mirrors Bird Toy

JW Pet's Moving Mirrors Bird Toy satisfies your bird's natural curiosity and fascination with motion. This brightly coloured bird toy has five shiny mirrors, four that spin, so your bird...
£5.67 £3.00

Agrivite Mixed Chicken Grit - 1.5kg

Mixed soluble & Insoluble grit. A mix of both types of grit The soluble grit provides calcium for bone and eggshell strength The insoluble grit is needed by poultry for...
£4.99 £2.99

JW Sand Perch Regular

A unique sand perch designed for promoting the well-being of small bird species. The perch is coarse and sanded to help manage unkempt claws and improve their appearance, as well...
£6.42 £2.99

Northern Parrots JW Birdie Basket Ball Activity Bird Toy

The Birdie Basketball is a fun new toy that will stimulate birds both physically and mentally. The mirrored backboard shiny surface will attract instant attention, and the basket is perfect...
£4.50 £2.99
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